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Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar
Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar
Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar Salman Qaisar

A little about me


Hi! My name is Salman.

I am a UX & UI designer with

a primary focus on building

superb product experiences

I am a specialist Digital Designer with expertise stretching to UX research, building design systems and brand identity designs. For the last few years, I have worked remotely and on-site that has brought in a depth of experience. So I’m confident in saying I am ready to go to work whenever and wherever it may be required.

Creative Services I offer

Taking care from design
to development


Design UI for your digital product

I create unique UI designs for web and app that are visually appealing, appropriate for your identity, and tailored to your intended audience. I'll work with you to make the digital information and product presentation as effective as possible as a communication tool. Your digital brand experience converts site visitors into engaged clients, resulting in an increase in inquiries, purchases, or applications.


Develop a custom responsive site

I use user centric approach while working on a site design which means prioritising the demands of user, and visual design is then applied in line with those needs. Through the whole process, I closely collaborate with you starting with an information architecture. There is no guesswork involved in predicting how the final product will appear because I offer high-fidelity prototypes with interactions and animations. Your website is developed on either Webflow or Wordpress based on the cost and ease of use, and to make things simple I will deliver it to you along with a video tutorial on how to edit it so that you dont feel stranded at any point.


User Experience Design

I define the user flow through your digital product as well as its general functionality, features, and information by creating flow charts, wireframes, and prototypes. This is the structure and skeleton of your product. Throughout the entire procedure, it serves as a living document.



If your site is ready but something doesn't feel right or you have identified a flaw but feel lost on how to improve those pain points. I can help run a design audit, through which I can identify problems from the perspectives of users and designers. I'll offer advice, give concrete examples of how to fix them, and justify my choices as I go. So that you are aware of the necessary changes as well as their justifications and advantages. Along with mapping out the issues, I also offer solutions with guidelines on how to improve the user flow of your site or product in the best way possible. 

Reviews from my happy clients

Results from the experiences
I have built for others in the past


John Kiama

I've worked with Salman on a number of big UX, graphics and web design projects. Salman's passion for good design, creativity, attention to details and work ethics blew us away...not to mention that he's quite a pleasant person to work with.Would highly recommend Salman for anyone looking for high-quality design work.


Ahsan Q

Salman is a very professional and creative web designer. His input was valuable. He made customised plug ins, provided me training to update the website and was always available to answer any questions. His work speaks of his creative skills, attention to detail and high quality. I strongly recommend Salman for any website designing and development. He is excellent at what he does!

Let me make it simple

Let me answer few questions
that you may have right now

How do you charge for your work?

I prefer charging by project because it simplifies invoicing for the client. Additionally, by doing it this way, I am able to concentrate on the work at hand rather than fretting over the number of hours I've put in.

How long does it take build a website?

The time it takes to build a website varies on several factors. Complexity, strategy, number of pages, development, specific integrations all affect the project time. It can take from 3 to 12 weeks.

What’s your process?

I'll be in touch with you within two working days of receiving your initial inquiry to schedule a chat over a video call or email, whatever you are comfortable with, and become acquainted. Within 24 hours of your consultation, you will receive a formal brand proposal and quote.
Once you're happy with the proposal there are series of phases, which follow as research and optimum plan, design, development and final feedback and handoff/launch phase. Each phase ends with a feedback and approval discussion call with the client.

Are you open for a permanent role?

Yes, I am open to finding new challenges. I believe there is learning in every work environment and every brand has a unique work experience. If the opportunity surrounds exciting product research and development, I would love to be a part of it!

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